The Camera Chick story is really simple ….

My name is Natalie and the story behind Camera Chick is really simple

I desire quality

I desire value for money

and I desire customer service.

so why not put all of that into a magic bottle, give it a shake and out of it came Camera Chick in 2011.

I am a photographer – ( “On the Ball Photography“) , Im a mum, I am a jack of all trades and I am busy just like you.  I want my gear to work first time, every time.  I want it to look cool, last for years, I want it to make me smile every time I go to use it and I want to enjoy it.

Thats why we stock the brands that we do.  We just dont stock the rubbish. We have said many more no’s than yes’s to suppliers as very few fit our high quality brief and we are supper happy with our range and adore the ones we have. They give us quality, value and awesome customer service – exactly what we desire for ourself.

We are a 100% online business and always here during business hours so drop us a line if we can help you in anyway.  We have a team of 4 of us working at Camera Chick now committed to ensure that you have the best online shopping experience out there.  Give us a try and you will see why thousands of customers around the world have become members of our Camera Chick family.