How did “So……..What do you do? ” turn into our new slogan…..

So here I was at a social event the other day completely unrelated to Camera Chick and I got asked the age old question…….” So – what do you do?”. This is where I have to say I am not one of those networking queens that has to shout from the roof my company name, where to find us and to try to get people to buy anything.  After all I have built this brand with integrity and will always treat people like I would like to be treated as far as pushy sales people go. Like most business people I like to step away from my brand and just be Natalie again if not for a few hours.

My standard answer is I have a retail company and then it leads to camera chick but this day the question got me thinking…….  Well – What do I do????  Food for thought isnt it and I bet you cant answer that in a few seconds without thinking about it either now can you.  This is where I insert good friend here who is always there for me no matter what time of the day or night it is and gets these funky facebook messages from me saying…….  “hey – good friend – what do I do?”

True to form good friend didnt judge ( or laugh) at my question and after throwing a few ideas around about what I do we came up to a mutual agreement of what I ( we ) do which has now become our slogan.

So what do I do?  well I’m glad you asked because now I can tell you without even blinking


I add fun and inspiration into your photography journey

Yep …I guess I do.   Until next time happy snapping and make sure you sign up to our newsletter so you get an early head up on some super new stuff coming up and make sure you confirm your address.

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