Show focus Points download for LR – Review

At last someone has thought outside the box.  You know the scene……you take a great shot, it looks great on the back of the camera and you get it home into LR and its focal point is not where you had planned ( or seen on the back of the camera).  You spend ages trying to figure out where in the picture you had your focal point.  As an action photographer I have had my fair share of misses and in the continued education process I was never able to learn where I had locked the focus.

Into the rescue comes Show Focus Points.  Its a lightroom plug in that you can access in Library view and it will show you not only your focal point but also a whole heap of useful metadata including the distance from the subject to the camera for each focal point.  In short – ITS WAY COOL!



There are so many applications out there to download and buy but at the moment its free……..yep….FREE.  I would think that means that they will sell it in the future and with its very clear instructions on download, installation and use you really have nothing to lose – well except not knowing where your focal points were…….


Till next time….happy snapping.

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