8 Tips For Taking Flawless Selfies

Whether you like it or not, selfies have become a photography trend that I believe isn’t going away any time soon. If you haven’t already done so, it is time to embrace the selfie by upping your selfie game.

If anyone knows how to take selfies, it should be photographers right? You understand the importance of lighting and know how to use filters to your advantage. You should certainly be giving Kim K a run for her money in the selfie stakes.

If you’ve got your own tips on how to take a perfect selfie that I haven’t covered then share them in the comments below.

1.     Tilt Your Head Slightly

Image Source: @kimkardashian
Image Source: @kimkardashian

There is a reason why nobody looks dead on straight into the camera (unless you have incredible bone structure and symmetry) as it does not capture the light in the right places. By slightly tilting your head, your cheekbones will capture the light and it will also make your eyes look bigger. Not only that, but it will also give off a super cute vibe.

2.     Find The Perfect Light

Image Source: @parishilton
Image Source: @parishilton

One of the most important factors of photography, including selfies, is lighting. Being in the right light will help your skin to look crystal clear and give you a glow. The best light is always natural light so try standing next to a window or even outside.

3.     Wear A Bold Lipstick

Image Source: @badgalriri
Image Source: @badgalriri

Wearing a bold lipstick will give your selfie a focal point and a pop of color. You can wear a bold lipstick to add fun to your selfie or you can wear it to enhance your pout if you want to try out the ‘duck face’ selfie.

4.     Highlight Cheekbones

Image Source: @khloekardashian
Image Source: @khloekardashian

If you’re struggling with lighting because the room you’re in has a lack of natural light then simply add a quality highlighter to your cheekbones, eyebrow bones, chin, bridge of your nose and center of your forehead. Those who are selfie obsessed will carry a highlighter in their bag with them at all times because you never know when you might come across your next selfie opportunity.

5.     Choose Your Signature Pose

Image Source: @nickiminaj
Image Source: @nickiminaj

If there is one thin g that sets amateur selfie takers from the expert selfie takers, it is their pose. Those who have a huge Instagram following tend to have found their signature selfie pose. Experiment in the mirror and with the camera, which poses you are comfortable with and that make you look your best.

6.     Take Advantage Of Filters

Image Source: @caradelevingne

I’m guessing you are no stranger to filters if you love photography. Just like with the poses, experiment which filters work best for your style and the look you wish to create. You can switch these up when you’re in the sun and want to create warmer tones, in the snow and wish to create cooler tones, in a bar and wish to remove shadows and more.

7.     Hold The Camera Above Your Head

Image Source: @kendalljenner

Image Source: @kendalljenner

Never, I repeat, never take your selfies with the camera below chin level as it won’t look pretty. Doing this will create a double chin look, even on the slimmest of people! It is always best to hold the camera above your head pointing downwards to create the most flattering selfie.

8.     Choose A Good Selfie Camera

While all of these tips will help you to take better selfies, there is only so much you can do if you do not have a good camera. Here a few cameras that will be perfect for your new selfie obsession:

Sony RX100 Mk III

The Sony RX100 Mk III is everything you want in a camera for selfies. It has awesome quality image sensors, bright lenses, next generation image processors and a ton of advanced settings. It will help to create selfies and other photos that are sharp in detail, portray true colours and take better photos in low light.

Canon PowerShot G7X

The Canon PowerShot G7X doesn’t lack too much from the RX100 Mk III but does have a huge drop in price so is a perfect choice for those of you who want a quality camera at good prices. It can connect to Wi-Fi so you can share your selfies when out and about.

Canon PowerShot N

An even cheaper camera for your selfies is the Canon PowerShot N which doesn’t have all of the features as the PowerShot G7X or RX100 Mk III have to offer but if you’re looking for something small that will just get the job done then this will do it.

Grace Camera BagBest Camera Bag To Carry Your Selfie Camera

If you’re going to be a selfie pro then you’re going to need to carry your camera in style as a true selfie expert would. The perfect camera bag for your selfie camera is the Grace by Camera Chick bag, ideal for carrying a compact camera, phone and other essentials.



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