Welcome Harry ( plus secret discount code…….)

WOW! 2020/2021 – The year that was well pretty ordinary to use a non censored word……. Heading into COVID we were getting Camera Chick ready to sell and then the world crashed to the depths of – well – you know what. There was no point selling Camera Chick as the new owners would not have been able to access stock and we decided that wasn’t fair on them. So like many others – we rode it out (and thank those that held on with us!) and have emerged from the dark to something – well pretty HUGE!

And here it is! Can you please welcome Harry to Camera Chick! The dirt on Harry – well it’s a funny story. When I was setting out in 2011 establishing Camera Chick I found Harry on what was called back then Odesk and had him help me with some web stuff cos I knew nothing really. From there I think it was safe to say we developed a very firm friendship and have been there for each other for 10 year now. We welcome Harry and his son Omar officially to the Camera Chick Family.

The funny story is as you know, I live in Australia and Harry now lives in Belgium. Talk about worlds away. That doesn’t stop us chatting for hours and if anything the new world has helped us both come to a decision that was right in front of our faces – that without Harry’s work over the years, Camera Chick wouldn’t be here so what better way to say thankyou than to have him come on board as a full partner. YAH!

What we have planned together is pretty out there and if you revisit our store you’re going to see some completely new bags from some amazing new artist that literally hand made each one. And – drumroll……….we are now international with international shipping on all bags set up ready to roll. Plus we are able to wholesale AROUND THE WORLD NOW!!!!! SO excited!

Now if that isn’t big enough news – we have something MEGA happening shortly but that will be in another post when it’s ready. This is too much already. Now if you have made it this far, then you have discovered the secret key to a store wide discount of 20% valid until midnight 30th May 2021.Just use the code “omar” at the checkout and it will be applied automatically. Oh – it excludes items already on sale but wait until you see our new ranges!

Life is looking really good and It’s exciting to get back to our roots which got us to where we are now.

Until next time – Happy snapping

Natalie & Harry



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